The toxic crisis has reached in these days the headlines of the news. At the same time the information on climate change has lost the interest of the media. The price of petrol and gasoline for our cars is being reduced to prices that d`ont precisely promote sustainability amongst he cityzenship. I have unanswered questions..


I wonder

  • Is this going to suppose the end of global fight against climate change before it`s born?
  • or, ecology is the solution to the economic crisis and it will be the only way to approach it?
  • Is the reduction in the price on petrol going to put in danger the expansion of alternative energy sources?
  • What happens to the ecotecnological revolution we have been living in for the last years?

These and more questions run through my mind.I observe it, but none of the solutions please me

Toxics are dangerous, especially we they are used by relevant people without the aproppiate control.

Om tare tu tare ture soham 


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